Novels by T L Henry



Rowan is the developer and has a secret he has only shared with two women. Those two women happen to be his wife’s closest friends. How will his wife, Anna, react when she finds out what that secret entails? Will Blathe, a gossiping real estate agent who works for Rowan, find out that secret and purposefully crush Anna? Humor is added when an unkempt family decides they want to purchase a home in this affluent neighborhood. Will Blathe dissuade them to buy or will they win her over? When it rains, Laurel has dreams which give her insight into her past. What tragedy did Laurel experience and does she get revenge?  T. L. Henry answers these questions in this serious, funny, tearful and thought provoking novel.






Take four couples about to graduate from high school, mix them together as friends and perhaps lovers, and you have the perfect recipe for a novel about coming of age in a demanding, confusing, and sometimes wonderful year of their young lives. From their idyllic and often riotous summer hiatus at a lake house where if you swim, you may be swimming in the nude, to the tension and joy of forming new romantic relationships. These are eight teenagers who learn from one another what it means to mature, to take risks, and to perfect the true art of friendship. From home to the lake to their senior trip in Cancun, T. L. Henry’s novel Meadowbrook Summer explores how young adults deal with love, family tragedy, and the inevitability of having to say good-bye to friends… and to childhood.




Meadow brook Summer  Secrets I’ve Been Keeping
Paperback, Kindle