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Secret Signature (Third and final novel in the Secrets Series)

At the reading of her mother’s will, Kate, an only child, is left with everything; The cottage in Seaside, NC, a prosperous antique store, and many fond memories.

The close-knit town welcomes Kate home, and she feels sure she can keep her parents’ dream alive. Before reopening the antiques and gift shop, Kate familiarizes herself with the bookkeeping and merchandise. She is mesmerized by several original watercolor paintings hanging on the wall. They are not for sale as she cannot bring herself to part with them. Falling in love with the paintings, Kate also falls in love with the painter, whom she’s never met.

Will Kate allow herself to love an admirer from the past or will she keep her distance as she searches for the artist?

Experience new beginnings with Kate as she rediscovers her hometown of Seaside, and join her on her relentless quest to uncover the identity of the secret artist.