Who is T L Henry?

T.L. Henry is a Dental Hygienist who resides in the Atlanta metro area. While her husband was working over seas, he challenged her to write the book she had talked about writing for many years. She took the challenge and out of it came her first coming of age novel, Meadowbrook Summer which was released in June of 2009. Among the pages of Meadowbrook Summer, spice, love, affection and sometimes risky behavior can be found. 20160822_154340

Henry released her (fiction) romance novel, Secrets I’ve Been Keeping in April 2015, where Romance and gossip run rampant in a small souther town, and its sequel, Secrets Revealed was released Sept. 2016.

Henry’s suspense/romance novel, Secrets Revealed takes you to Ireland where Laurel is happy in love until she’s confronted with tragedy and shunned by her family and friends. She flees to the United States where she finds clarity from her dreams and returns to Ireland to confront those who did her wrong.

Henry’s the third novel in the Secret Series, Secret Signature, is now available. Kate stands┬ámesmerized while looking at paintings hanging in an antique and gift shop. Falling in love with the artist she has never met, she has to make a choice; Fall in love with an admirer from her past, or take a risk and search for a man she’s never met.